Posted on 27 December 2011   Grey, Races

If the concept of excess was a god to be worshipped then Trahesians would erect entire cities in its honor. Trahesians respect credits, freedom, technology and little else. The culture as a whole thrives on pursuing selfish delights. Too much is never enough for any Trahesian worth his weight in Bliss (a popular designer drug). Much of their radical psychology stems from the Trahesians’ almost fanatical desire to separate themselves from the Morja. Anything they can do to socially and physically separate themselves from their parent culture is acceptable. Trahesians crave positive attention and absolutely relish the feeling of jealousy directed at them.

The Trahesians often decorate their faces with elaborate tattoos that serve only as affectations. Trahesians are known for their desire to dress in the finest clothes, wear the most expensive jewelry available and drench themselves in perfume.

The females may have long, dramatic manes done up in various colors and sprinkled with diamonds or starfires, but for the most part they travel around bald with various symbols drawn across their skulls and down their cheeks (a process compared to the humans’ use of henna tattoos). The males refuse to be outdone by the females and will often go to great trouble in order to make themselves up in the latest or most outrageous Trahesian fashions. Female consorts of prominent males will not allow herself to be seen with a male who is not decked out in the finest attire. The Trahesians will often have parties that can last months on end just to prove how affluent they are. Trahesians are social creatures and are always trying to outdo everyone around them.

Trahesians are in a constant state of emotional upheaval. They flit from happiness to rage at the drop of a hat and make no apologies for their emotions. The females are the most passionate lovers in the known universe and often engage in mental and physical orgies that can last for weeks at a time, sustained by a constant flow of medicinal and recreational drugs. Trahesian males also have very active libidos and maintain a number of partners (not always female or Trahesian).