Spiral Union of Planets

Posted on 27 December 2011   Groups

Trahesian Light Trooper

The Spiral Union of Planets is a military organization that is backed by all of the major races within the Orion Arm. Its troops and ships are sent my each of the member races.  The spiral union soldiers go through the hardest training known in the galaxy. They are taught a common language. They have been shaped into the hardest, most ferocious leather necks this side of the Orion arm.

The current members are the Divorced Earth Union, the Triarchy of Elon, the B’Jokk Extents, the Mahu-Brahd Empire and the Pellox. The Baronies of Trahesia joined after the Horizon system was taken by the Nari, but they send only the smallest number of Trahesian soldiers to fight. The bulk of the Trahesian forces are what ever races they can grab and put into a uniform. The Radiancy also has a token military presence in the SUP. They refuse to expose their people to the corruption and foulness of alien presence. So the Radiancy has also sent the worst and most disregarded of military units to the DEU. The Aloosh do not have a central government, but many of them have joined to lend a hand.