Posted on 25 February 2011   Grey, Nations

In an age where mankind has settled the stars and made vast quantities of information available,  truth has become relative. Interstellar travel, association with alien cultures, and fantastic technological advances have only served to generate more questions and more uncertainty. The

the Neo Catholic Church has tamed the unknown with the universal truth that it offers, and offers its congregation a sense of belonging and purpose.

The people of the Radiancy whole heartedly believe the propaganda of the Church. They remember the dying of millions to bio weapon plagues of the Cha’Tierba wars. If they did not have contact with aliens they feel that they would not of had as many wars. Some feel pity for the DEU because they are being drawn into alien conflicts. Others hate the DEU because they will draw humanity into the war with the Nari. Many believe that if they stayed out of it humanity would be passed by.