Posted on 26 December 2011   Good, Races

The Pellox live a life without shame or doubt. They never question their actions. They stand by their actions and accept the rewards or punishments that result from them. Pellox have a hard time lying and never hold back what they think.

It is not a lack of understanding of shame but continuous reinforcement being who they are by their Spirit Guide.

The Spirit Guide joins them soon after birth and remains with the Pellox until its death. The Spirit Guide and the Pellox develop a language that they alone understand. It is one of the first languages that they learn. This language, known as Ki Alra, is impossible to learn by anyone else. Humans who first came to the Pellox worlds spent considerable time trying to understand this language only to discover they spent 3 years trying to learn a language that is absolutely different for every single Pellox.  The second language is a Universal Spirit Tongue known as Do Alra Po Adana. This is the language that all Pellox use to great new worlds and the stars when they rise at night. Do Alra is as much thought, gestures and primal sounds as much as words. No translators exist for this language. Pellox always have to learn the much less expressive languages of the aliens they meet. Oddly enough even though impossible to translate most aliens’ find they can easily understand the Pellox’s gestures and sounds for simple communications. Pellox understand everyone’s language!