Posted on 26 December 2011   Bad, Nations, Races

The overriding drive of Nari is to dominate. The strong dominate the weak and make them into slaves who in turn dominate those weaker to make them into slaves, Puppeteers are those Elacious has bred more of this trait into than any other Nari and given them the power to totally dominate small groups of Nari Drones or make thralls of any other life form they encounter.

The Nari automatically abstract everything into groups. The leader and the group are treated as an whole individual. If one does wrong then the group pays the price. Those who are dominated must follow the commands of the leader, as such they may been taken away to pain blocks to . If one is bad they all must pay. Groups do not relate to a tribe but to a job. Nari segregate themselves into all machinist groups or all s or all form to do work or to follow a particular political leader or even to deal with a problem. Once a group exists it will remain until none of the members are left alive. No one ever switches jobs or goes to another group. If a group is one of warriors then any young brought in will be trained as warriors. Individualism is to not conform, if it doesn’t fit in it doesn’t belong. This hatred of individuality is there from birth.

They will kill anything that does not fit the Nari way of life or form. There is nothing viler to them than something that does not fit. Individuals are tortured and made to suffer for their amusement. Aliens are captured and put through endless pain and experimentation to make them into what the Nari find acceptable… them selves.