Morja Elon

Posted on 27 December 2011   Good, Races

The Morja are fiercely loyal, magnanimous beings who like their abode kept a certain way. The race as a whole is loving and giving, so long as you don’t overstep certain cultural and personal boundaries. Morja males tend to make difficult fathers whereas the Morja females are always dangerously overprotective of their children- so much so that many Morja mothers are willing to come to blows over the slightest hint that their child is not perfect.

Threatened males will bellow and snarl while trying to maintain some kind of diplomacy until the time for talk has proven fruitless… then they attack. Females will often forgo any thought of diplomacy and immediate resort to savage violence. An outraged male in a fight will cause significant physical damage to an opponent, but an outraged female will also leave the stain of fear upon their enemy’s psyche.

Morja are incredibly loyal and honest. They will usually do exactly as they claim- even thinking otherwise is, to them, is a great sin. To go back on a spoken promise or bond is intolerable. To the Morja, the ability to keep a promise is tantamount to intelligence and sentience. Those who are unable to fulfill a promise or uphold their word have committed a great faux pas and must use all their energy to make things right. A Promise-debt, where the Morja swears their life to the service of another, is a very powerful way for a Morja to try to correct a broken promise.