Divorced Earth Union

Posted on 01 February 2011   Nations

Time was short. Vice President Madrilène walked quickly through the plushly carpeted hall. She did not want to cause any panic by running. But madrilene feared that she wouldThere was enough already with the Nari practically at the border. She reached the Presidents office and went past his secretary and the seven Spiral Marines on duty in the outer office. The secretary was the only one who tried to protest. The marines knew better. Madrilene was in too much of a hurry to put her in her place. Time was short.

The only light on was the one on the desk. President  Benjamin Cash was sitting at his desk as if he was in a trance. Photos lay scattered across the surface as holographic reports scrolled in the air before him. A forest of Kudzu cola bottles added to the mess on the desk. The rest of the room was lit with the glow of pre-dawn light through the picture windows that lined the southern wall.

Cash was only too aware that Madrilène had come into the room. She was just as stubborn as he was and he wasn’t up to another fight with her.

“The Mahu-Brahd have fallen. I reckon we’ll be  next.” He said it simply hoping it would answer her question.

“ I know about that already. I need you to come with me right now. No guards.” Madrilène came right up to the desk and put her fists on it.

Cash looked at her. She was a tall cat of a woman with black hair tied into a topknot. Her blue suit was rumpled which was unusual for the woman who never even let a single hair out of place. Something was going on.

When Madrilène opened the door to her suite Cash was expecting anything except a Void Prophet curled in pain on the floor. Madrilène quickly kneeled down next to the Void Prophet and lifted the helmeted head into her lap.

“Her name is Emenine she came here against the wishes of the other Void Prophets.” Madrilène said. Emenine was breathing shallowly. Cash had seen a Void Prophet only once before and, like the other one, Emenine was dressed in white full body armor. Wide shoulder plates supported a cloak that was now tattered and bloody. Blood flowed from a deep wound that ran the length of her body. It was a wound that would have killed a normal human. he kneeled next to her.

“Don’t you worry darlin we’ll get you a doctor who—” Cash was interrupted by Emenine’s hand on his

“It is too late for that. I don’t have long now. I have broken the greatest laws of the Void Prophets to bring these to you.” with these words she brought forth five books as if from the very air. Cash took them.

“They are the journals of the Great Void Prophet Agrom. They are filled with the prophecies of this war.” Emenine stopped for a moment her body trembling as she gathered her strength.

“ There are many brotherhoods of Void Prophets, each with their own specialty. All of them have been to the great halls to read his journals. We have never been able to figure out whether the prophecies they contain tell of beginnings or endings… The only thing we have figured out was that the prophecies tell of three great wars. Each worse than the last, each started by the previous. This is the first war. We do not know if the prophecies are how to stop this one or how the next will begin. Because of this Agrom left to find the answers. I brought the books to you because I think the rest are wrong in hiding them. We need help and will not ask …for… it…” Emenine’s voice faded away. Her body settled with a sigh.

Madrilène looked down at the helmeted face wondering who she was under the mask. Before Madrilène could think to remove the mask the body began to heat up. Madrilène moved quickly away as the armor began to glow. First red then yellow then white as it grew hotter. The body and armor was consumed in the searing heat that momentarily blinded Madrilène and Cash. When the light died down only ashes remained to tell of the Void Prophet ever being there. Cash looked at the five books in his hands then at Madrilène. Her eyes asked the same question he felt. Would these help him win the war with the Nari or begin the Next…


By and large, the people of the DEU are a tenacious lot. They have lived with conflict, opposing ideas, and general mistrust. The have learned to harness the normally negative realities of conflict and turn them into a functioning and surprisingly tolerant society. As a result of the many trials and problems a normal DEU citizen has lived through during their lives, the typical mindset of the DEU is that nothing is impossible. Problems can be solved; they just normally need a little creativity. This “can-do” attitude is the DEU’s greatest asset, allowing the society to welcome conflict and use difficult situations to create positive change.