Adepts of the Blessed Circuit, The:

Neo Catholic Monastic order responsible for the implementation of many of the technologies found onboard War. Members are characterized by their traditional robes and the conspicuous cybernetics found on their tonsure.

Atropos, The

Former Flagship of the Divorced Earth Union, commanded by the late Admiral Prague. Was destroyed during the battle at Horizon when it completed a successful Kamakazi attack on a Nari vessel containing several Dominators.

Combat Arc

Prototype Weapon developed by the Adepts of the Blessed Circuit. Consists of a shielded housing (resembles the Arc of the Covenant) containing several billion offensive nanite drone clusters. When opened, the nanites swarm and attack (remotely controlled by a computer contained within the housing) all non-human organic tissue in the vicinity. Used onboard War during the battle of Horizon.

Earth Federation

The first human stellar government. Split apart into the Neo Catholic Church, the Divorced Earth Union, and the Earth Frontier Alliance during the Terran Civil War. (Put dates for Terran Civil War here)


If you understood the definition, it would kill you.

Ghenna, The Worlds of:

Planets characterized by their hostile envoirnments that serve as the headquarters and training grounds for the Neo-Catholic Church’s military knighthoods.


Branch of the Neo-Catholic Church responsible for intelligence and counter-intelligence operations. High ranking members are among the best trained and eqipped operatives in known space. The Inquisition also functions as the Neo-Catholic Church’s secret police.

Justicar MAI-

any unit belonging to the series of Humanoid Mobile Artificial Intelligence units created by Majes-Tech. The Justicar series was specifically designed to excel at adaptive combat, and to accomplish it’s missions with a pathological dedication. Production was halted after a prototype unit (now better known as Adam Wrath) malfunctioned and government funding was withdrawn.

Monofilimant Purifier:

4 inch sphere containing a tracking system and several hundred monofiliment strands. When in range of its target, it releases monofilimant strands and rapidly rotates, effectively shredding the target.


“Programmable” substance technology developed by Hyper-XL. Once activated, the substance is capable of rapidly transforming into pre-programmed organic tissue pattern. Currently, the technology is still in its infancy and its only practical implementation has been within the Warwolf project.

OB15 Average-

The “Orion Big Fifteen” average is figured by taking the average price of a single share from each company listed on the index.

OB15 Index-

The “Orion Big Fifteen” index is a listing of the top fifteen corporate entities in known space.


MajesTech Genetically Engineered product Developed in response to the colonization crisis caused by the Rogue Wars. Are created to resemble humans, but are specially modified to thrive in hostile environments. Organics are still used to this day in place of Pseudo Sentient Robotics for all DEU colonization efforts, and are viewed as abominations by the Neo Catholic Church.

Pious Orration:

Manner of speech which is a composite of many of the more dramatic and formal forms of expression found throughout the history of the English language. It is adopted by Clergy, Military and devout followers of the NCC.

Pseudo Sentient Robotics:

Semi independent minded robots which have displayed the unforeseen ability to developed full sentience. Pseudo Sentient Robotic technology is considered dangerous due to the unpredictable results that occur as the unit achieves sentience.

Radiant Council, The:

Governing body of the Neo-Catholic Church, comprised of the twelve highest ranking church officials.

Rogue Wars:

Series of conflicts between Pseudo Sentient construction robots and arriving colonists. Began in 2092 when erroneous programming allowed the robots to view humans as a disturbance to their work. Deep space seed colonies were completely abandoned, and immediate locations were subjected to attack. Ended in 2092 with the destruction of the last attacking robot.


Neo-Catholic Police. Responsible for law enforcement in regions directly controlled by the Neo-Catholic Church, and supervision in areas which have been allowed to maintain their local governments.

Sisters of the Double Helix:

One of the few female monastic orders found within the NCC. Highly secretive and rumored to continually skirt the borders between the development of Pious Organic Technology and the creation of Blasphemous Abominations.


Neo Catholic term for any non-human.



Corp ABACUS Atlantic Banking And Commercial Universal Systems. They are the premier banking and financial institution in the DEU. Their universal PASS cards are used by all of the races in the Orion arm.  
Corp Hyper XL A recent teracorps that has become one of the leading military hardware manufacturers for the DEU.  
Corp Kudzu An entertainment Terracorporation that makes everything from fashion wear too soft drinks to movies.  
Corp MajesTech A Teracorps that first invented the hyperdrive and own a large number of worlds in the DEU. They have all the powers of a state and hold a seat in the DEU senate. They set up a private state that is self governed in 2319 when the NCC took over the Terran council. by 2333 they had set up over a dozen small states out in the Sagittarius arm.  
Corp Parasci Parasci is the DEU’s main research and development division for space and military.  
event Splitting Heart The Morja-Elon leader J’Garr believe so much in their laws and science that when the Rosthude Melorr leader Melorr began converting Morja-Elon. He had all of the Rosthude Melorr hunted down and destroyed. The Trahesians fearing they would be next broke away from the Morja-Elon and formed their own empire among their colony worlds.  
event Battle of Horizon The Nari Main fleet arrived in the Horizon system in 2395 on New Years eve. The massed fleet of Nari destroyed most of the DEU’s fleet.. The Nari spread out attacking nearby systems. Two weeks later WAR arrived along with a NCC fleet. They fought the Nari for the next three weeks until Prague arrived with a combined fleet of DEU, Morja-Elon and B’Jokk ships. Agrom also arrived during the fight and killed the Nari Lord. The war master attacked admiral Prague but Prague detonated his ship and took the War master with him before his ship was destroyed. Despite the loss of their leaders the Nari continued to fight and eventually pushed the Fleets out of the system.  
event Cha’Teirba wars The Cha’Teirba raided DEU colonies taking their populations as food. The DEU went to war with them in 2245. The superior Cha’Teirba used tailored plagues to destroy their enemy. They invaded the Sol system but were beaten back (some of their plagues are believed to still effect Earth today) when they were found to be a cannibalistic race that had been eating the rotting corpses of the colonists they were driven to extinction. The few that remained were driven into Chk’Nee space to be killed by them. That was in 2276  
event Christmas day massacre On December 25th 2318 colonists and Organic protesters marched on the UN, they had had enough. When NCC backed Nation guard tried to remove the 150,000 protesters they fought back and the National Guard gunned down 2,000 of them. Because of this the Terran Council revoked the Organix freedom and began the turning point that would lead to civil war.  
event Digital crash In 2035 a virus wiped out all of Earth’s banking systems, all of the worlds currencies had become digital long ago, resulting in 50 percent of Earth’s population going penniless and many becoming homeless.  
event Disaster at Ohk’Que The DEU military research center was destroyed by a NCC saboteur who set off a planet cracker in the labs. The gravatic warhead imploded half the Pellox moon into a singularity that tore it out of orbit. The shattered remains collided with another Pellox moon and both were destroyed. The shrapnel that flew off these two moons pounded the rest into wastelands. Only 3 moons remained untouched.  
event Rogue Wars In 2090 Pseudo Sentient construction robots went rogue when arriving people disturbed their work and they attacked them. It was a wide spread problem that resulted in MajesTech creating the Organix to replace them. War ended in 2092  
event Terran civil war The civil war was started when the Neo Catholic Church gained control of the government and Admiral Rand led the colonies against the Terran council. The Terran council survived as the Radiant council, and now controls NCC space. The DEU lost Earth but controls all of the systems around the NCC.  
Gov. Radiant Council, The Governing body of the Neo Catholic Church comprised of the twelve highest-ranking church officials.  
Gov. DEU Divorced Earth Union – developed out of the Terran Civil War. Made up colony worlds they refused to listen to its religious dogma and divorced themselves from it. The DEU is a collection of districts and teracorps that surround Earth and the colonies around it that are ruled by the NCC.  
Gov. Earth Federation Earth Federation – first human stellar government. Broke apart and became the NCC and DEU during the Terran Civil War.  
Gov. EFA Earth Frontier Alliance. Those districts of the Earth Federation that never joined the NCC or the DEU after the Terran civil war. Their districts form pockets along the DEU boarders.  
Gov. NCC Neo Catholic Church – begun back before the digital crash by Jordan Phos. It grew to replace many religions and eventually grew very powerful. In the year leading up to the civil war they infiltrated many of their most devoted worshippers into the EF government so they could push the NCC’s agendas. They believe in the supremacy of man over aliens.  
item Combat Arc Prototype Weapon developed by the Adepts of the Blessed Circuit. Consists of a shielded housing (resembles the Arc of the Covenant) containing several billion offensive Nanite Drone Clusters. When opened, the nanites swarm and attack (remotely controlled by a computer contained within the housing) located within all non-human organic tissue in the vicinity. Used onboard War during the battle of Horizon.  
item Halo Shield Personal energy shield worn by the Adepts of the Blessed Circuit. Characterized by the shifting energy halo which often seen above the wearers head.  
item Brimstone Missile Anti-Matter warhead powered by a primitive hyperdrive. Reaches target by means of a short hyper-jump. (attempts to emerge from hyperspace within the target) Extremely effective on stationary targets.  
item Monofiliment Purifier 4-inch sphere containing a tracking system and several hundred monofiliment strands. When in range of its target, it releases monofiliment strands and rapidly rotates, effectively shredding the target.  
item Books of Agrom Agrom was the first Void Prophet and all Void Prophets suffers vision on their awakening. The visions are of the past, present and future, but in no particular order. Agrom wrote down all of his visions in the hope that he could better understand the jumble of images. His writings form a library of books that are considered the most sacred of writings to the Void Prophets. Agrom left to try to find what his visions mean and to hopefully stop the coming wars. The Void Prophetess Emenine stole two books which told of the Nari war and the beginning of the destruction of the galaxy.  
item Hyperspace Communication Array The array first invented by the B’Jokk was bought from them and modified. The HCA acts as a warning array. It can tell a ships speed and direction in hyperspace and can usually give a good estimate of where it will come out. It also links the entire DEU and many neighboring nations with a communication network that can transmit up to 1000 light-years in one second along the dozens of relay stations along it’s route. The entire EF war brought on-line in 2311  
item WAR A hundred-mile long warship of the NCC. It is the first of four warships known collectively as the Four Horsemen.  
item Umth Mahu-Brahd Imperial currency.  
item Lahore This is the book of laws that the Morja-Elon follow.  
item Sleeper ship A class of ship that uses conventional drives to cross interstellar distances. Hibernation chambers are used to hold the crew during the voyages that can take up to 100 years to reach another star system.  
org Inquisition Branch of the Neo Catholic Church responsible for intelligence and counter-intelligence operations. High-ranking members are among the best trained and equipped operatives in known space. The Inquisition also acts as the NCC’s secret police.  
org Adepts of the Blessed Circuit, The Neo Catholic Monastic order responsible for the implementation of many of the technologies found onboard War. Members are characterized by their traditional robes and conspicuous cybernetics found on their tonsure.  
org Sentinels NC Police. Responsible for law enforcement in regions directly controlled by the NCC, and supervision in areas which have been allowed to maintain their local governments.  
org Guardian order A B’Jokk order of soldiers, similar to a knight order. There are hundreds of orders that are responsible for protecting the B’Jokk empire. Some travel as mercenaries protecting aliens.  
org EFEL Earth Federation Exploratory League. Formed in 2087 by MajesTech and was the EF’s first real Star Navy. Their job was to protect the scouts that were being attacked.  
org House Tahb The second largest house next to House Atum. They still retain most of their fighting strength since they have been out of the Nari’s path of invasion.  
org Inquisition The Inquisition is a body of elite soldiers that was formed to carry out the will of the Pope. They spent most of their formative years fighting against the Spartan League. The Grand Inquisitor has never been seen by anyone outside of the Radiant Council’s inner circle. His Inquisitors can appear anywhere and it is even rumored that they may have cloaking technology.  
org Protagonist Contractors A group of smugglers and pirates that operated against the NCC during the Terran civil war. They still exist but now they are a guild of mercenaries working for anyone, though they work have been known to help out people in need.  
org Spartan League Created in 2280 by Admiral Prague it became a powerful force in undermining the NCC’s power. They fought against many of the NCC’s Inquisitors during the secret wars and civil unrest of 2317  
org Spiral Union A organization set up to coordinate the military of each of its members to work together against the Nari. The Spiral Union is purely a military body ad has no political influence, although politicians have used it to their own purposes on occasion. It was formed on 2388 by the Morja-Elon but its headquarters are in DEU space. The DEU form the bulk of the Spiral Union’s forces.  
org Void Prophets First appearing in 2334 on the Pellox moon to save a small boy these enigmatic masked warriors have been seen all across the Orion arm. No one knows how many exist. They use psionics and other unexplainable powers. The most powerful void Prophet is Agrom who succeeded in killing a Nari Lord during the Battle of Horizon.  
org Nos’Lar Atum They are the greatest warriors of the Mahu-Brahd that belong to no House. They formed their own House and banded together to fight for the Atum Brahd. Their House is not official so it cannot take more property or become the Atum Brahd.  
org M’Orrenjo The Morja-Elon caste that is made up of the Judges and the noblemen.  
org Shalirr This is the Morja-Elon caste for the warriors and soldiers that protect the Morja-Elon and for the Executioners that carry out the will of the M’Orrenjo.  
org Harr’Pa The merchants, traders and workers caste of the Morja-Elon.  
org The Sikri The secret police of the Morja-Elon. They were originally set up by J’Garr and have since continued to exist.  
org B’Angon This is the caste of the scientist and philosophers and lawmakers of the Morja Elon.  
org Guild Mother The guild Mother is the Chk’Nee who is given eggs to shape into the form that is needed by her guild to do its tasks.  
org Terracorporation A corporation that began on Terra. ABACUS and MajesTech are terracorps.  
person Chief Charr’Ti Deogarth The present ruler of the Morja-Elon. He has been instrumental in getting the Morja-Elon to open up to aliens and try to learn form them. He also founded the Spiral Union.  
person Emperor Nakrael The B’Jokk Emperor. He is 60 years old and close to death. He is feared as the most vengeful emperor the Orion arm has ever seen. It is not that his empire is big but that he will do what ever he can to avenge even a mistaken slight.  
person Admiral Henry. Rand The first person to sea the Threat of the NCC and their influence on the Terran council. He opposed them at every point and in 2276 was killed by a mysterious explosion on his ship.  
person Admiral J. Prague The successor to Admiral Prague. He formed the Spartan League in 2280 to fight the NCC and any other enemies of the state. He went on to fight the Civil war on the side of the DEU and against the Haunted Froud in later years. 3 years ago during the Battle of Horizon he sacrificed himself to destroy the Nari War Master.  
person President Benjamin Cash President of the Divorced Earth Union. He was first recognized for his actions as a commander during the Civil war and later against the Haunted Froud. He replaced Talman as president in  
person Senator Richard Talman The senator on the Terran council who was removed from the council in 2334 by the NCC majority. He was the last of the senators to protest the NCC publicly. He was elected into office as governor of the district of New Calgary.  
person Twins, The The Twins are Chk’Nee and rule the Three Realms along side the Grand Empress. They hate their mother the Grand Empress for ignoring them and for not giving them the ability to create eggs. They have secretly been looking for the birthing well that gives all of the Grand Empresses the ability to produce eggs. They do not follow her laws and undermine her authority in their areas of the Three realms.

They are given eggs by the Grand Empress to do what they want and in 2349 they gave a Guild Mother to the NCC. They create Guild mothers from their own bodies but each one takes a piece of their mind and their soul with it. The elder twin has convinced her younger sister to create most of the Guild Mothers so she has become simple minded in recent years. The Elder sister’s Chk’Nee are the orange of the desert while the Younger sister’s Chk’Nee are the White of her winter world.

person Atum Brahd The religious leader who brought forth the present culture of the Mahu-Brahd  
person Nar This is the Mahu-Brahd’s god of death. This is the source of the name “Nari” which means the people of Death.  
place Elon The forest homeworld of the Morja-Elon, Trahesian and the now extinct Rosthude Melorr. The only ones still living on the world are the Morja-Elon.  
place Golm Space A region of space a hundred light-years across. Like a miniature galaxy, swirling filaments of energy radiating out of a hub killed anything that it touched. Even ships stopped running at the touch of those deadly filaments. Some scouts claimed to have see ghostly figures caught in the filaments. Everyone has nightmares of being torn apart near it.  
place Horizon The main shipyards of the DEU and the central offices of MajesTech. It was invaded by the Cha’Teirba in 2245. It was rebuilt to help win the war. In 2319 it sent the first long range scouts deep into the Sagittarius arm. The Nari’s first wave of Thralls attacked it in 2393, the Nari were beaten back only to return with more Thralls 2 months later. This force was also beaten back at terrible cost to the DEU. The DEU sent most of its fleets here incase the Nari returned. On New Years of 2395 the Nari Main fleet arrived and destroyed every ship they found. The Nari Now control Horizon.  
place New Calgary Capital of the DEU.  
place Gron The desert homeworld of the Mahu-Brahd. The Atum Brahd rules their Empire from the lofty heights of Throne.  
place Throne A 5000 meters tall pinnacle of rock on Gron. The palace of the Atum Brahd sits on top of it.  
place Nar’Leth “Death’s will”. A Canyon that circles Gron. Cutting the southern third of the planet off from the rest. The Grondats come from this lower third of Gron.  
place Hall of Grudges The building kept by every House where Trial by Combats take place.  
place The Blackened sky When the Nari could not be defeated in direct combat the Mahu-Brahd lured them into star systems then blew up the star to destroy them. A thousand stars were destroyed in this way and this region is known as ‘the Blackened Sky”  
place Hollow worlds, the The home worlds of the Cha’Teirba are known as the hollow worlds. All of these worlds are hollow with the subterranean cities of the Cha’Teirba. Plagues prevent anyone from landing on the surface and the cities bellow are radioactive slag left from the Cha’Teirba wars.  
place Rogue colonies Where the Pseudo sentient robots still build their empty cities after the Rogue wars.  
race Curthi A race of insectoids that had 15 colony worlds when the Mahu-Brahd arrived. They were caught unaware because the Mahu-Brahd used sleeper ships to slip past their warning arrays. The Mahu-Brahd stole the hyperdrive technology from them, then subjugated the race. They have all been killed by the Nari who invaded their worlds.  
race Extinction The Prophecy universe is a harsh and unforgiving place where only the strongest have survived. The history of every race is filled with those that have fallen before them. This is a few of those that have passed away.

Gone; Cha’Teirba, Curthi, Brugin, Heroot gen, Rosthude Melorr, Hollowed Emmagri, the Stellar empire of a million golden worlds, the Mad Empress and all her realms,


Almost Gone; Nimbachi, Tepth, Pellox, the Winged Empress and all of her realms, the Burning Empress and all of her realms, the Empress of the sky and all of her realms,

race-a Aloosh Found in 2256 during the Cha’Teirba wars they are a recently awakened race. They are a colony life form that were exposed to a human who’s memories they absorbed. They are found in a gas torus near the Golm. They are psionic. They use telekinesis to move and telepathy to talk.  
race-b B’Jokk Race of winged humanoids. These bat like people do not experience fear so have ventured further than any other race. Their society is based on hero worship and the family. Their empire is made up of scattered settlements connected by a hyperspace communication array. discovered in 2155  
race-b Grondats They are a offshot of the Mahu-Brahd. They are distinguished by their thin bodies. They are poisonous to the Mahu-Brahd (See Nar’eth’bal.)  
race-c Chk’Nee Race of Insectoid aliens. Ruled by the Grand Empress Ni’kicha Ritma the Three Realms is one of the largest governments in the Orion arm. The Chk’Nee are engineered to be what ever is needed by society. The Twins are the Empresses first children and her most powerful. Only the Empress Can make eggs but the Twins rule their own part of the Three Realms as if they were empresses. The Empress’ Chk’Nee are the royal blue of the sea. Many of her cities are aquatic.  
race-ch Cha’Teirba A race of underground carrion eaters. They hunted the Baloogra before the B’Jokk removed them. From tat point on they hunted B’Jokk and humans. They used cloaking technology. They were hunted down in 2276 and are now extinct.  
race-e Morja-Elon The DEU are a passionate race that have given themselves completely to their laws. Everything is expressed in laws, rules, and mathematics. The females of the Morja-Elon are violent and adventurous. They carry out the laws their males make. The females give into their rage and make up a large part of the Morja-Elon military. They met the humans in 2162. The Morja-Elon have three castes (vashias); The M’Orrenjo, the Shalirr, the B’Angon, and the Harr’Pa.  
race-e Trahesian Trahesian are a race of feline like humanoids that follow their passions. Be it pleasure, politics or war they give themselves completely to their activities. The Trahesian broke away from the Morja-Elon in a civil war after they slaughtered the Rosthude. met humans in 2162  
race-h Calgorians They are the humans modified to live in space. They are the population of the DEU  
race-h Heavy Worlders Those humans that evolved on the heavy gravity worlds of the DEU and NCC.  
race-h Humans They are the pure strain humans of the NCC  
race-h Organix They are the genetically engineered product of MajesTech. They are human like but have been modified to live in hostile environments. They have spent most of their history fighting the NCC controlled EF to become. The NCC fought to have them destroyed and as the NCC took over the Terran council it looked as if they would be. They fought along side the DEU against the NCC during the Terran civil war. they are now full citizens of the DEU.  
race-h Sanders Those humans who have been modified to live in deserts. They are found in the DEU.  
race-h Spacers These humans that have evolved long light bodies from living in weightlessness. Found in the DEU and NCC.  
race-ha Haunted Froud A race of haunted beings that are immortal and continuously evolve over time. They are highly religious and hunt many of the other races for sacrifices. They were the first race to encounter the Nari and the ones that know the most about them.  
race-m Mahu-Brahd Massive eight feet tall reptile based humanoids from the tip of the Orion arm. their empire is made up of houses that act as extended families and states. All of the Houses are ruled by the Atum-Brahd. The Mahu-Brahd empire is now shattered and the Atum-Brahd’s sons in flight. One to the Spiral Union. The other to House Tahb. met in 2168  
race-n Nari A militaristic race of powerful psionics that are fighting their way toward human space. it is unknown why are what their objective is.  
race-n Dopplers The toughest of the Nari, able to mimic any skill. They have infiltrated the DEU and act as spies and commandos.  
race-n Drones The weakest Nari. They are little better than Thralls  
race-n Puppeteers The Nari that make the Thralls. They are the lowest level of leaders. they guild the Thralls and Drones in battle. Many have infiltrated the DEU to cause havoc and fear.  
race-n Thralls Aliens mind-wiped and used by the Nari to weaken the enemy before they arrive.  
race-p Pellox Race of reptilian humanoids that are capable of regeneration. Their society is based on astrology which came from the star charts of lost space travelers. They were discovered in 2087.  
race-r Improved Artificially Intelligent Robots They   were produced in 2363 to help the DEU fight the growing number of Chk’Nee forces fighting for the NCC. They were fully self aware and sentient. They are still being produced for the coming battle with the Nari. They are found in the DEU.  
race-r Pseudo Sentient Robots Semi independent minded robots that developed full sentients and self awareness. They are only found on the Rogue colonies  
term Xenite Neo Catholic term for any non-human race.  
term Terracorp See Terracorporation.  
term Ghenna, The Worlds of planets characterized by their hostile environments that serve as the headquarters and training grounds for the NCC’s military knighthoods.  
term EF See Earth Federation.  
term Chan Thor Ree This is the Morja-Elon name for a Trahesian.  
term Brahd See Mahu-Brahd  
term Nar’eth’bal Literally “The will of death” this is the disease carried by all Grondats. This blood disease will eat the flesh of a Mahu-Brahd at the rate of an inch per hour! The only cure is to remove the infected area. This disease can only be transmitted by contact with a Grondats blood.  
term House A Mahu-Brahd term for their communities. Each House is ruled by a Lord and his family. Most Houses concentrate on one kind of industry.  
term Trial by Combat A system that the Mahu-Brahd use to determine the truth of a matter. Two opponents who disagree or have a grievance against one another will fight until one surrenders or one is dead, depending on terms of combat. Winner is accepted as being in the right.  
term Trial by Arms When two Houses have a grievance against one another they will call a trial by Arms. Both sides send their military to fight for the House. This is to the death and is the only warfare that exists among the Mahu-Brahd. Winner is seen as right. No other Trial by Arms may be called by the injured parties.  
term Nos Atum’Nar Which means “The last one standing” is the religion of the Mahu-Brahd. The religion teaches that the Brahd are the chosen of Nar (Death) and that they should prove worthy of him. They hold that death is their greatest adversary. The Grondats are seen as holy since they carry death in their blood.  
term NCC Neo Catholic Church