Posted on 27 December 2011   Grey, Races

The personalities of the Chk’Nee are quite varied depending on their function and status in their society. All Chk’Nee however share a few traits. They are all focused and professional, but can be fiercely competitive with anyone not part of their group. This mentality is reflected best with the outcasts and drones who are great team players with the aliens they find themselves among, but tough on outsiders and dangerous to direct competitors. On the whole, the Chk’Nee are very driven and often said to be humorless. The Chk’Nee are bred for specific purposes and take most everything very seriously, even the most innocuous of undertakings.

Chk’Nee play every game as if it is life and death and absolutely hate loosing. Most people know never to play cards with a Chk’Nee since it could mean a serious mauling if the Chk’Nee looses. Within their own Guilds they do not feel this competitive intensity. These intense feelings are caused by the fear that if another rival Guild comes along that does their job better than the current Guild, then the Chk’Nee of the old guild have one chance to prove themselves or else they become the victor’s entrée. Not all Chk’Nee are this competitive, however. The Childer Guilds are massive Chk’Nee that can grow to any size with many becoming starships, buildings or entire transportation systems. The immobile Childer never worry about becoming out of date and are thus significantly less competitive. The more mobile Childer, on the other hand, are just as competitive as their smaller cousins. The Royal Guilds and Military Guilds are some of the most competitive Chk’Nee and express their desire to compete through loyalty to the Empress (or her daughters depending on who made the Chk’Nee) and their Realm. Chk’Nee as a whole are violently territorial, though not overly expansionistic.