Posted on 11 Apr 2012

Void Prophets

Void prophets are enigmatic Warriors that fight the Nari. Every Void Prophet has something within them that sets them apart from all other beings. It the Essence of the Void. It is that which allows them to commune with the Void, and the source of the many powers that they can wield. Agrom, the first Void Prophet has suggested... Read More »
Posted on 24 Jan 2012

Protagonist Contrators

The guild of Protagonist Contractors has existed for over 50 years, ever since the shattering of the Earth Federation. A guild of professional heroes that has protected the scattered colonies from pirates, raiders and slavers. Many people look up to the Protagonist contractors as heros and the only law they can trust to protect them, even if it costs... Read More »
Posted on 27 Dec 2011

Morja Elon

The Morja are fiercely loyal, magnanimous beings who like their abode kept a certain way. The race as a whole is loving and giving, so long as you don’t overstep certain cultural and personal boundaries. Morja males tend to make difficult fathers whereas the Morja females are always dangerously overprotective of their children- so much so that many Morja... Read More »
Posted on 26 Dec 2011


Aloosh thrive on knowing, knowing everything about everything. Many Aloosh have left their gas torus home to explore the galaxy. Among each other they share their thoughts with one another. Merging their bodies together into a larger whole for a brief time so that they can share knowledge with one another. This is not unusual for Aloosh. It is... Read More »
Posted on 26 Dec 2011


The Pellox live a life without shame or doubt. They never question their actions. They stand by their actions and accept the rewards or punishments that result from them. Pellox have a hard time lying and never hold back what they think. It is not a lack of understanding of shame but continuous reinforcement being who they are by... Read More »
Posted on 26 Dec 2011


B’Jokk do not have an internal monologue the way humans do. They evolved on a world where taking time to think got you killed. They either act or act quicker. They react to the moment as it comes. Imagine not vocalizing within your head. Imagine not analyzing the world around you. If you could quiet this voice, your minds... Read More »