Posted on 26 December 2011   Good, Races

B’Jokk do not have an internal monologue the way humans do. They evolved on a world where taking time to think got you killed. They either act or act quicker. They react to the moment as it comes. Imagine not vocalizing within your head. Imagine not analyzing the world around you. If you could quiet this voice, your minds analyzation of what it sees you would be left with a perfect calm. It is this calm that allows then to react instantly. Their brains just do not try to analyze everything they see. Analyzation requires as much effort for them as quieting the mind is for humans. The B’Jokk are born with a permanent Zen state of mind.

Coupled with this Zen state is a child like curiosity and energy to do and explore. Humans have a hard time keeping up with the B’Jokk’s boundless enthusiasm and energy. Imagine drinking a large pot of strong coffee with each cup half full of sugar. The jittery sugar buzz of energy is the normal state of the B’Jokk.

B’Jokk are so full of life, so full of movement that they must constantly occupy themselves to burn off the excess energy. All B’Jokk carry a multitude of distractions. Games, puzzles, ropes, balls even electronic games find their way into the pockets of the average B’Jokk.