Posted on 26 December 2011   Good, Races

Aloosh thrive on knowing, knowing everything about everything. Many Aloosh have left their gas torus home to explore the galaxy. Among each other they share their thoughts with one another. Merging their bodies together into a larger whole for a brief time so that they can share knowledge with one another.

This is not unusual for Aloosh. It is the equivalent of a handshake for us. Aloosh have a little of every other Aloosh’s memories in them. It can sometimes spook a person when an Aloosh comes up to you and act like your friend when he just left on a space shuttle.

This makes it even harder for people to tell one Aloosh from another. An Aloosh, no matter how many other Aloosh it has memories from, still has a core personality and thought pattern that is as obvious to other Aloosh as a face is to us.