About Golm

Golm Universal Darkness is a tabletop roleplaying game of action adventure set in a dystopian future where a great horror is on the rise.

You will creat heros who live in this time of great events. You can be part of the epic story line or carve out your owm stories.



Golm Universal Darkness features great depth to the universe. Although the main part of the story revolves around the Nari taking over the Golm there are many other stories that can be created. The many alien races found in the game are not all good some can be just as bad as the Nari.



No matter what you play Golm focuses on high adventure and super human action. want to leap through a plate glass window with a firehose in one hand, blazing away with your blaster at the horde of nari? Well the rules let you do it. Impossible is nothing is the heart of this game system.

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